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Japanese art & design student
Group Gallery "4LDK" event report @ 02/04/2006

"4LDK" is an exhibition of artworks by the best Japanese art & design students. In this exhibition, 4 students' works have been carefully selected from a previous exhibition, and they have refined and reproduced their works appropriately for the theme of "the distance between Japan & Australia". It will start from 1st of August at Kinokuniya Gallery
>>"4LDK"@Kinokuniya Art Gallery
Japanese art & design student
Group Gallery "4LDK" event report @ 02/04/2006

This is a event report of group gallery "4LDK".
it contains selected 6 best artists by judgement, participent's works and photo gallery.

>> Event report @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
Japanese art & design student
Group Gallery "4LDK"@ 06-12/03/2006

g4LDKh is an exhibition of work by Japanese artists and designers who study at various Australian institutes in Sydney. The work contained in the exhibition centres on the theme gwhat is the distance between Japan and Australia?h Each participant creates their work using their own original technique and field to reflect their individual experiences of life in Australia.

>>Group Gallery "4LDK"
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